I was always a keen athlete in my school days. After leaving school I decided to study leisure and tourism at college, with intentions of going in to study sport science, but work took priority and I drifted away from the sport and education.

Then in 2009 I decided to take up running again. After suffering numerous injuries I began to read a lot more about anatomy and physiology. I rekindled my desire to learn more about the human body and help people to return to their sport or everyday activities.

This led me to hit the books and begin studying again! I gained my Diploma in Sport Therapy in July 2013. I did work placements in private clinics, absorbing as much education as I could in physio and sport therapy working environments. During this time I also attended local events such as the Kielder marathon, Sunderland marathon and cycling events, enhancing my therapy skills. This led me to work as a therapist for Northern League football club Ryhope Cw to further my knowledge and experience of acute injuries, where I performed sport massage, first aid and rehabilitation of injuries.

As a sport therapist and fully accredited member of the Society of Sports Therapists, I finally decided to open my own clinic. During this time I have also kept up to date with current injury and rehabilitation protocols by attending courses at various universities around the UK, including Oxford University, where I attended courses such as spinal manipulation/mobilisation and kinesiology taping. I continue to do this yearly to keep up to date with current injury and rehabilitation protocols, and also because I’m very keen and have a genuine interest in the body and how we can help keep pain/injury at bay. As well as running a busy clinic I am still a keen and competitive runner, running for Sunderland Harriers as well as representing England in international competitions. This has led me to work a lot of international athletes as well as runners who run just to keep fit.

At Stride Sports Clinic, our main goal is to get you back to full functional fitness in the safest, shortest possible time, whether this be a sporting injury, work-related condition or postural aches and pains. To achieve this we offer a range of treatments — after an initial assessment we can devise an appropriate rehab plan and decide on a course of treatment which may involve soft tissue release, spinal manipulation/mobilisation, sport massage, kinesiology taping, muscle energy techniques and advice on strength/conditioning and stretching.



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